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Morning Visitor on Flickr.

Fawn in mom’s garden this morning.  Probably eating her flowers.

Fun Fact I Didn’t Know: Lost Creek Wilderness is named for the stream that disappears underground and reemerges several times on its path down the valley.

Lost Creek Wilderness Mini-adventure by the numbers:

  • 2 days, 1 night
  • 24.5 miles
  • 6,000 feet of elevation gain
  • 2 thunderstorms
  • 1 close encounter with an unidentified snake
  • 2 gajillion amateur-ish pictures

Queenstown Peninsula on Flickr, 1 Apr 2014.

Strolling the Queenstown Peninsulatow

Thistle in Stanley Canyon

Lost Creek Wilderness mini-adventure starts today!

Mariposa Lily?  I really need to get better at identifying these guys.

USAFA to Stanley Reservoir to the radio tower and back.

Out scouting out the Waldo Canyon Fire burn area for a possible trip of Blodgett Peak.  We didn’t see any signs indicating the area is still closed by the NFS, so I might go for it.  Public lands are assumed open unless otherwise posted, right?

Mar 2014 - Damp day on Doubtful Sound.  Pretty typical for one of the wettest places on earth.

Stanley Canyon - 19 Jul 2014

If there’s anything that qualifies for a “home” trail for me, Stanley Canyon is it.  I’ve probably done this hike about once a summer for the last 20 years.

We got caught in a shower on the way down this time, which made the creek scramble at the top of the canyon a little slick.  I thought I could catch a shot of her falling into the water, but she disappointed me.