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Most niche reaction video on the internet?

Beauty of the Universe II - Colors

Insufferable pedantry: I love astronomy pictures like these as much as the next guy…but I’m pretty sure these are all false color images.  I know it’s “art” and all that shit, but soulful titles like “Colors of the Universe” is a bit misleading.  The spectrum mapping is at least as interesting as the final result, but it always gets overlooked.

(via lost-and-unknown)


Close up photography of several periodic elements


As opposed to the aperiodic elements


Successful #Dragon #SpaceX craft capture by #ISS - about 253 miles over northern Ukraine.

Not too shabby considering three out of the four thruster pods weren’t working for the first rev or two.  Nice work, fellas.

Bad Astronomy has a good discussion of the meteor… 

The meteor that hit Russia today.

Wait for the sonic boom 27 sec in…

Shit moves fast in space.

If you haven’t seen the Q&A Bill did over on Reddit today, it’s pretty impressive,

Bill and Melinda have literally changed the world for the better and saved millions of lives.  And he still comes off as genuine and almost normal.

The Big Dipper throughout the years.

Second .gif in the last year…sorry

If you haven’t heard, we bombed the moon today.

Where “we” = NASA and “bombed” = crashed a couple of lunar science satellites that were low on gas and beyond design life.

I like to imagine that some day each of these impact sites on the moon will be commemorated by a bland, brown “Point of Interest” sign along the side of a lunar highway at which nobody will bother to stop* (with the exception of spunky bloggers with too much time on their hands and an inexplicable desire to be passionate about obscure things).

PS.  That came off as snarky.  Sorry.  I like all you quirky, passionate people.  I snicker condescendingly at all you gif-loving punks that think you’re unique because you like the same crappy TV-shows as everybody else on Tumblr.  I hate you all and I’m going to die an old and lonely man.

*I feel like I’m the only person that ends up with clunky sentence structure like this to avoid ending a sentence with a preposition.  I wish i could write, but shit like this confounds me.